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#interactive #media #art #technical #director​

#sound #design #engineering

#music #producer  

Hi guys


I'm an artist / engineer in MediaArtworks via computer

In the Sound Project , I do the project all by my self

Role in Producing, Mix/Master Engineering

You can check the projects in / Sound Studio_project /

In the Visual Project , My Main role is

Interactive Visual worker, Projection Mapping, Interactive process engineer, Lighting Engineer

(including lightbulb, LED, ILDA laser, DMX etc.)

work with Processing, Unity/Unreal, Deterative TouchDesigner, etc.

It is the time when everyone can achieve that they visualize their imagine via computer

I do want to show you all of my works,

Not just showing , even interacting with you

That's why I make every projects ​in this department

Send me Mail to




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